Nowadays people care about creation of comfortable and beautiful designs inside their homes more than they did in the past. They achieve this in different ways, however it is quite hard to imagine making your home convenient without high-quality, practical and ecologically clean windows and doors. For this reason, we believe that everyone should be aware of the peculiarities of these products in order to be ready to select only the best windows and doors.

Plastic products are currently very demanded, since they are extremely practical, durable, resistant to negative impacts of external environment, hermetical and effective against bad weather, dirt, dust and outside noise. All these properties have made installation of PVC windows in Melbourne quite popular. If you decide to purchase them, you will soon understand that this was the right step towards comfortable conditions in your house.

Before glazing your house, you should carefully select the right PVC constructions so that to avoid unnecessary changes and adjustments in the future. Once you have decided which windows you would like to purchase, you should call the specialist, who will take correct measurements and then tailor the construction to your requirements. Our company has long experience in manufacture and installation of reinforced plastic constructions that are used for glazing of urban apartments as well as countryside houses and we are ready to provide these services to you at a reasonable price.

Undoubtedly installation of windows and doors can be performed without the services of a special company, however in this case you will not get the quality and service life warranty because everything has to be done in strict accordance with the norms and international standards. Even a tiny defect during installation can lead to considerable problems with the fittings and distortion of the whole construction itself. If you decide to use our company’s services, you can be sure that you will get only the best quality at an affordable price. Moreover, you will get a long-term warranty that will relieve you from the need to look for a service company in the future.

Peculiarities of installation works

The most significant role during manufacture and installation of windows and doors belongs to the process of taking measurements. Correct measurements allow to adjust any PVC construction to a specific opening and architectural design. One minor mistake can lead to a range of serious problems. We value our company’s reputation therefore our specialists always take care of the measurements. Regardless of the complexity, this procedure does not affect the price of the PVC construction and following installation works.   Initial measurements and project planning are absolutely free.

Prior to buying reinforced plastic windows, we recommend to measure sills and drip caps as well to make sure that everything is performed according to a single style and functions properly in the future. Plastic inner walls of an opening which are installed at the same time as the windows, should be always 3-4 cm longer because they will be bent at the corner. As for the sill, it should not cover heating units too much. If the heater is hidden in the wall recess, it is necessary to make special ventilation holes in the window sill to allow maximum heat circulation.

Many people want to save money and perform installation of their constructions without anyone’s help. In this case the price will surely be lower, however this will negatively impact the quality of the PVC constructions since few people are familiar with the peculiarities and rules of correct installation. Our company provides services of installation of PVC constructions in Melbourne on favorable terms, which will allow you not only to save your money but also to get the most durable, practical and high-quality products with a long-term warranty. If you want to install your windows on your own, you will not have any warranty, and in case of any mistakes during installation, the fittings will constantly break down leading to unnecessary financial expenses.

Why us?


We use only European components in our uPVC windows and doors


We set up industry benchmarks by continiously bringing inoovations into our processes


Over 40 years of industry experience over generations

Traditional and modern

Our products can have both traditional and modern look with our smart design techniques

Australian made

Our windows and doors are manufactured in Australia in our factory in Oakleigh South


Our portfolio includes Passive Houses, jobs for University of Melbourne, lodges in Falls Creek and houses across VIC and NSW

We create comfort in your - uPVC Windows Melbourne.

Six incredible peculiarities of PVC windows

Australia is constantly seeing great technological changes and innovations that allow dramatic modernization and improvement in the building industry. Processes have become easier and the top-quality products are now less expensive. Undoubtedly, high-quality PVC windows have also made their contribution into the comfort of ordinary people who a few decades ago could only dream about having them installed in their houses. These windows have not only made our lives better but have also transformed the architectural appearance of our houses therefore nobody would question their significance in today’s building industry.

Today PVC windows are easily accessible and everyone can order PVC windows and doors in Melbourne in no time.  This can be explained by their low price and possibility to pay in installments or getting a credit for their purchase. As always, we have various methods of payment that would suit everyone. Non-cash payments are convenient for organizations, state establishments and large businesses. Cash payments will be better for one-time buyers. Those who are accustomed to credit cards can make a fast money transfer as well.

However, price is not the most important factor when it comes to selection of new reinforced plastic windows and doors. Inexpensive constructions are demanded due to many other reasons.  If you order PVC doors and windows in Melbourne, you get a number of guaranteed advantages:

  1. Australian reinforced windows and doors have fantastic heat-saving coefficient. It is so huge that the purchase of new windows or doors will pay back in just two-three years. Let us compare: wooden windows pay back in 10 or even fifteen years and can be used on average no longer than thirty years. Plastic windows will serve fifty or even more years.
  2. Modern production is performed only at the facilities with high technology equipment. Such approach guarantees the best quality of PVC windows. Customers be sure that attention to detail with which PVC doors and windows are assembled will ensure absence of condensed water vapor even during the gloomiest weather with heavy showers. During winter you will not see frost-work. This adds to the warm and cozy atmosphere inside and consequently creates good emotions and positive microclimate.
  3. Additionally, the intricate design of PVC windows allows them to resist slanting rains and crosswinds. The system of double sealing will keep the house owners safe from unpleasant atmospheric conditions. Outer overlaps of movable parts provide protection from bad weather along with sealers and glazing beads.
  4. All PVC windows on sale are from well-known brands. There are many different models available. This means that a person acquires only the best pieces of industry. Any of them will be worth to decorate your home interior. Appropriately used, they will considerably transform the living space. If you still want to enhance the change, you can opt for additional options.
  5. For example, a client comes to buy new PVC windows in Melbourne and sees a broad range of colors. There are products to meet your every need. They are lovingly decorated with laminate that imitates precious wood: oak, beech, Karelian birch … the list is endless. Those who like marble or granite will find their colors too. They can go with the main interior or be in contrast with it. Simply speaking, any wished of a customer will be met.
  6. People get convinced that it is necessary to buy PVC windows in Melbourne. They may your life more comfortable. Laminated surfaces are easier to exploit and the rich and fancy-looking glaze will add style to your home. Doors, windows and sills are easy to clean with common detergents that can be found in every home. PVC products have increased resistance to mechanic impact. For example, hit with a hard object, PVC windows or doors are less likely to get dents in comparison to wooden products. Those who like to smoke or have a nice drink like wine, tea, coffee or cocktails should not be afraid to do this near their windows, because PVC materials are resistant to heat and aggressive liquids.

Increasing demand

It turns out that it is not a luxury to buy PVC windows. They are already accessible for cottages, dachas and other types of buildings. They have become so common that we can now see PVC porches and balconies. These inexpensive products are now available to all people. PVC doors and windows are used when building various utility buildings and rooms. Although it should be noted that sliding constructions are more frequently used in this case. Sliding PVC windows are appropriate when it is required by the building in which they are going to be installed. They will be perfect when swing shutters will be blocked by other objects. Sliding windows can be purchased for kitchens, pantries, storerooms with limited space or workshops. Transoms slide on needle bearers without any noise or unnecessary tension. Weatherproofing function is preserved.


How can I get them?

It is easy to make an order. Visit  our website and contact the manager. Once the order is made, we will send a specialist that will show you all possible options and the catalogue of sample materials. This service is free and includes consultations connected with installment and utilization of PVC windows.

The specialist will also tell you about the special offers.

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Our company specializes in PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) doors and windows which are specifically designed for the needs of our customers. Our products are manufactured from innovative materials that are globally known for their high quality as well as thermal and acoustic properties. We take pride in our work since it provides comfort, security and style to the interior of any house.

Our clients are always satisfied with the quality of the end products because we place the highest priority on the qualifications and skills of our workers. We guarantee that your new windows will be tailored to your requirements and will serve you for many years. If you make an investment now, your savings will soon become evident since the purchase will pay off each time you get an energy bill.

The range of PVC windows and doors we offer is broad and flexible. You can have double or triple glass units, classic or futuristic design, various types of fittings and accessories… the options are really impressive. Our specialists can make any house perfect, be it either a lovely rural cottage or an urban high-tech architectural masterpiece. With PVC steel reinforced doors and windows that can be performed to suit your taste you can be sure that your old house will transform beyond any recognition.

Modern PVC windows and doors excel their timber or aluminum counterparts since their functional characteristics allow to take energy saving to a higher level. Our products will create the best microclimate in your house due to their property to reflect excessive heat in the summer and trap warmth inside the building during cold and nasty weather. Moreover, our windows and doors offer enhanced security that is achieved with the help of a new multipoint locking system that includes high security glasses, latches and hinges.

Each and every product we deliver to our customers is manufactured according to individual specifications and requirements. Our assembly facilities staffed with the best personnel allow to achieve the highest quality and the best design that will satisfy even the most demanding client.


Radka Roston
Philip Island, VIC
«Dear Vicky, I am sorry it has taken me so long to write and tell you how much we have enjoyed your friendly service and how much we love the stunning windows and doors in our new home- they make it just that little more special. Paul and I simply love their look and their functionality. We also sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service and your product. If ever we need to purchase or replace windows we will certainly go straight back to you!» Best regards
Paul & Teresa
Torquay VIC
«Thank you to the team at BlueSky Windows for being so accommodating with our window styles, colours and your meticulous attention to detail during the measure & installation. We have experienced our first full summer & now winter in our new house and can definitely feel the difference double glazed windows and doors make.»
Alex and Gary Monson
Ferntree Gully VIC
«Blue Sky Windows more than met our expectations from initial discussions to choose products that would meet our needs, short turn around time, skilled installation and excellent finishing works. Our doors and windows look fantastic, are high quality and make such a difference to our home. Thanks to all the team!»
Jacqui and Gab
«Door looks fantastic, we are so happy. The installation team were a dream and we are looking forward to being ready for the next lot!»

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